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Call for Proposals

DCSC issues at least one call for proposals every year. Keep an eye on this page, our Current News page, or Get added to DCSC information mailing list (Remember your full contact information). Bellow you may find the most resent call(s).

Call for Proposals, Issued: 1 July 2011

Closing Date: 1 October 2011

DKK 10 million for, or access to, Scientific Computing hardware

DCSC has set aside DKK 10 million (EUR 1.34 million) for acquisitions in 2011 of High Performance Computing (HPC) research infrastructure hardware. Funding for HPC will be awarded to individual researchers or research groups via a Primary Investigator (PI) and will be invested at a DCSC regional operating centre or pooled from the DCSC HPC resource on Iceland.

Funding for, as well as access to, HPC resources in 2011 will be awarded to individual researchers or research groups through this call only.

Applying researchers or research groups must submit individual applications (i.e. batched applications from several research groups will not be considered).

The aim of the call - two types of grants

The aim of DCSC is to provide researchers in Denmark with access to HPC processing power for research projects with strong emphasis on high-performance large-scale computing. DCSC allocates two types of HPC resources through its annual call for proposals:


Funds for setting up new or expanding existing computer systems, within one of the five DCSC regional operating centres . The PI is expected to define the HPC needs, and possibly also the architecture, (non vendor specific) machine type, configuration and capacity.


Access to processing time on DCSC installations, within the DCSC pool of free resources (PFR). Access to the PRF is typically granted to:

  • Users that needs to get acquainted with HPC applications.
  • HPC experienced PI's that do not require substantial HPC resources, or only for a limited time span.
  • Users that need access to hardware not available at their local DCSC regional operating centre.

Application Downloads

Download the full call text and guidelines: DCSC_Call_2011.pdf (PDF)

Download the APPLICATION FORM no. 1 from the Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation (DOC Version) or (ODT Version)

International Peer Reviewing

Any application might be subject to international peer review. All applications for resources surpassing DKK 1 million will be subject to international peer review.

Download the DCSC review template: DCSC_Review_Report_Template.doc (DOC)

Download the DCSC review template: DCSC_Review_Report_Template.dot (DOT)

Download the DCSC financial identification form: DCSC_Financial_Identification_Form.doc (DOC)

Download the DCSC financial identification form: DCSC_Financial_Identification_Form.dot (DOT)

DCSC Conflict of interest guidelines: DCSC_Conflict_of_interest_guidelines.pdf (PDF)


Further questions or expressions of interest can be addressed to the DCSC Director Rene Belso.