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Conflict of interest guidelines

According to Danish legislation, DCSC research grant reviewers or research program committees members (i.e. DCSC board member) must not, in any way, be suspected of being biased in relation to the handling of DCSC grant applications.

If you are a DCSC reviewer or program committee (board) member, you are to consider yourself disqualified to deal with a given DCSC grant application if:

  • You have a specific personal or financial interest in the outcome of the matter,
  • You have recently (within 5 years) worked closely or written joint publications with the applicant or a member of the research group,
  • You have a close friendship or a strong animosity towards the applicant or a member of the research group,
  • Any other condition known to you can cast doubt on your impartiality.

DCSC applicant will receive a copy of the evaluation form and will be given the opportunity to comment on the evaluation, if they so desire. In addition, reviewers can not expect to remain anonymous, as applicants have legislative right to obtain insight into matters related to their application.