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Danish Center for Scientific Computing (DCSC)

Computer Processing Power and Grid Infrastructure for Danish National Research

DCSC is a national research infrastructure under the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation providing Scientific or High Performance Computing as well as Grid infrastructure to Danish researchers who work with scientific calculations, simulations and modelling.

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Close-to-lab Scientific Computing

The basic DCSC strategy is a distributed approach, where a centralised board and administration have established decentralised regional operating centres at the major Danish universities. The build-up and maintenance of the Danish scientific computing infrastructure is done by periodical calls for research proposals in need of scientific computing resources. It is the researchers themselves, advised by DCSC, who decide which hardware to buy and how to utilise it.


Are you in need of High Performance Computing?

Any first time user can at any time apply for access to the DCSC pool of free HPC resources.

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A Consortium of Universities

DCSC is funded and governed as a consortium of universities together with the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. Co-funding from the universities has typically been on the order of 50%, covering the costs for computer rooms and operating expenses (electricity/cooling), in addition to salaries for system administrators. DCSC grants typically cover the hardware costs.

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